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PauseThe DuoA Dance
A concept of relative simplicity, nano- 1.1 invited artists to zoom in, scale down, shrink, condense, encapsulate and compact; submitting works no larger than 20 x 20 cm. The exhibition is an opportunity to play with scale, to explore what effects it has for both artist and viewer, and what new parameters it may set for the curator and the gallery space.
Old Masters (Willow)Insidious BeautyOld Masters/Installation View
My latest solo is currently on show at Smith, 56 Church Street in Cape Town. From 23rd February to 25th of March 2017.
Night Life I Night life VNight life III
A group show at Salon 91 Cape Town
Plume IIIPlume IPlume II
Group exhibition at Barnard Gallery
Elemental VElemental IIElemental III
An end of year group show. Works will be on view by appointment at the gallery.
Idyll  Human Nature II Human Nature III
On show until 2nd November 2015. Cavalli Estate.
Monos IMonos II
Pieces and PartsPartsPieces II
Idyll IIIdyll I
Art Hub Gallery. 5-9 Creekside, London SE8 4SA
Thrown IThrown II
A group show at Everard Read Gallery 23rd April to 10th May 2015
A Familiar SettingAnother ParadisePotential
Night Sweats 6 Night Sweats 5Night Sweats 7
A group show at Commune 1.
New Ink works on Paper
Tide 7Glyph 1Glyph 4
Japanese Ink on Fabriano
MergeStrollBlemish 3
Which translated means...Beneath the pavement,the beach. This is a group exhibition opening on Friday the 16th May at 6pm at POST at The Old Castle Brewery, Woodstock. The show is curated by Janet Anderson.
Untitled 8Untitled 6Untitled 4
A two person show with Lorenzo Nassimbeni.
Beachies 2Beachies 3Beachies 1
City Stride 5City Stride 4
A two person show with sculptor Kobus le Grange.
Nurture Part OneNurture Part TwoNature
Group show of works on paper at Salon 91 2010
Anonymous IIIAnonymous IIngrain
Peripheral Vision #2Peripheral Vision #1One Fine Day
A two person show at These Four Walls Gallery 2008
Shining Girl 1City Stride 1/Relation Group ShowShining Girl 3
Monopoly 3Monopoly 2Neighbours
Little shiver of horror runsCurl of the unexpected wordLittle sun Little moon Little dog
Wunder Commission 2Wunder Commission 5Wunder Commission 3
Dislocation-Grassy ParkDislocation-Joe SlovoDislocation-Mitchell's Plain
Wunder Commission 4Villa Mykonos/Sitting RoomWunder Commission 1
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