"My process of painting echoes the way I live in the world, calling for appropriate responses to different situations, requiring particular strengths and intuitions to help direct flow and development.
Each painting requires that I take certain steps to add to, change or remove the marks made before. This very intuitive process sometimes calls for a light hearted detachment and sometimes sheer courage but there is a trust that the painting has a life of its own and works itself out in the end."
Water-based oil on Calico Cotton 2022



Work on show

  • PAINTER PAINTER. A group show of work at Barnard Gallery. 21 June to 26 July.
  • Selected works to view at 131a Gallery. Salt River. Cape Town https://www.131agallery.com/
  • Launch of new work on paper for Uprise Art, New York. View online at https://www.upriseart.com/discover/artists/gabrielle-raaff
  • Selected monochromatic and water-colour figurative works and water-colour urban landscape works available for viewing.
  • Arrange a private viewing at my studio. Contact me through this website.